Essences of Astronism

Meta-Astronist theory involving manifestations and orientations of Astronism

by Astronist Institution

Last updated: JAN. 9, 2020


The Vendox is the principal symbol representing Astronism and Astronists.

There are three principal beliefs in Astronism known as cosmocentrism (which is the religion's worldview), cosmosis, and astrosis. 

The Essences of Astronism is a post-omnidoxical Meta-Astronist theory of Cometanic origin that initially denoted the existence of four manifestations and two orientations of the way in which Astronism could exist.  

The Essences of Astronism emerged out of a series of events known as affectuations which are types of events that cause significant impact on the way in which initially Cometan and later the wider Astronist Institution operated. These events are typically unforeseen and devastating on the operations of the Institution.



The manifestations of Astronism are the processes considered to be applicable to the existence of Astronism and the way in wh